About Calming Harp


My name is Steve Rees and I am a Harpist that travels nationally and internationally presenting beautiful calming harp music. Everywhere I go, there is such an interest in the harp and the music that I produce from it. Many people tell me they have always wanted to play the harp and some tell me that they have never seen a harp before and are amazed when I let them touch the strings and hear the sound they produce from that touch.

I am also a Registered Nurse and ย in 1998, I began to see and understand the amazing physiological effects of the harp music on the body as I would take my harp into the hospital and play for my patients. The music that I present on this website is an accumulation of what I have learned in the process of those years of observation and study.

This site is all about making the calming music of the harp available to a wider audience than I can reach by doing performances around the country. From the feedback I constantly recieve from my listeners, I have come to realize how valuable and effective this music is. I receive emails from people around the world telling me that they couldn’t sleep well until they started playing this music, and now they sleep through the night.

These testimonies convinced me of the need to find a way to offer this music to people I may never meet in person and has lead to the creation of this website. As I have observed many amazing results from exposing people to this delightful music, I have determined to make it available to a broader audience through the marvels of the internet.ย Once people hear this harp music they want to take it home with them, so I have undertaken to make several CD’s, MP3 downloads and YouTube videos available to meet these requests. I am fully convinced that you will be blessed by this music as you listen. In fact you can start right now by clicking your choice on the player to the right on this page – enjoy!


38 thoughts on “About Calming Harp”

  1. What a beautiful spiritual experience listening to this heavenly music. My soul becomes quieted in Him. Thank you so much for sharing the talent you have been blessed with! I will be purchasing your CD’s

  2. Howdy very cool blog!! Man .. Excellent
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  3. Such beautiful music. I work in childcare and I’ve been playing the Psalms of Aliyah during nap time for about a month now and their sleeping habits have gotten so much better. Just got Healing Harp, hoping it will help the children starting to get sick in the new fall season. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless.

  4. What a blessing! Thank-you for your Sampling of music. At this moment my 95 yr old aunt who has dementia and gets very frightened at night has fallen back asleep after being lulled there by your music. Although I’m already in my early 50’s, I hope to learn to play the harp. It is truly beautiful. My God bless you for sharing it with us. It has calmed our spirits, just like it did for king Saul ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thank-You Shir Le for personally autographing my copy of your book “God’s Powerlines” last night at Barbara Bucklin’s house. I listened to a couple of Steve’s songs on the drive home last night I am so hugely Blessed to have met you both and to have in my hand today not only your book but one of Steve’s cd’s. I too hear the footsteps of Messiah and my message here today is that He is indeed coming back for His bride soon, Jonathan Cahn makes an excellent arguement for the rapture to occur on F.O.T in 2015. But beg to differ because my best friend Jonathan Kleck received an intense download from our God to tell him it can happen any second now, at any moment now, in a fraction of a heartbeat in the twinkling of an eye. So, please, everybody, keep on LOOKING UP! For your redemption draweth nigh. TODAY is THE DAY of YOUR SALVATION let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  6. Hi

    I noticed that some of your music is being tuned to 528 hz Solfeggio.

    I wondered if you have heard of 432 hz Tuning for A which is supposed to be natural or sacred tuning.

    432 occurs all throughout creation and most ancient instruments were tuned to that.

    It also corresponds to Holden mean ratio to which the Ark was built.

    There is a 3 part article I read on the Web – Search under ‘Why Christian worship leaders should tine their instruments to 432 hz’

    Also Don Potter of Morning Star ministries is teaching the 432 hz Tuning.

    I am wanting to get some clarity here and to find out what your understand of this is and the differences and perhaps why one should be used over the other.

    Both seem to have their camps and supporters and claims that the Lord revealed them.

    – Scott

    1. Hi Scott –
      I am aware of the different camps. I have a teaching on why I think the 444hz is where I choose to be (which produces the 528 hz C note) since it is based in Scripture. You can find the teaching on YouTube/peregrinnatti – click on the “Music Frequency” video. I have a friend that uses both frequencies because he believes that the different tribes of Israel respond better to different frequencies – kind of a Hebrew answer -” this is true and that is true.” The last 3CDs I recorded in 528 hz.
      I hope this helps.

  7. I heard you speak on you tube , and playing 528 and you came on . Just inspired to
    pick up the harp and learn . Very isolated and lonely inside , I think it be great for my heart. It’s been a rough road .. just being alive . Endurance and perservance and also being resislant . I’m ready to start sped grad progra m for teaching . I would lover to learn through your viedos ! I think your amazing , and tell ypur wife she is also , Peace Jane Tobin 4407995583

    1. I have tested all the links you mentioned and they are all working for me. I suggest that you try a different browser, that has been an issue in the past and seems to correct the problem. Thanks for your interest and input.

  8. So glad I found this at a time when I needed it. Thk you for making these free samples available. Would love to purchase a cd.
    In Him

  9. Im looking for a nice and slow version of Metallica Sanitarium main harp version. Can someone please help me conquer my journeyed Goal. Thanks you. Yours sencearly Lea, Liam F Ingram


  10. Shalom, Mr Rees. My name is Janice F Baca. I too am a registered nurse and have heard some of your teachings on the harp healing music.

    My husband and I have been Torah observant for many years. We have been listening to Rico Cortez, Monte Judah, Eddie Chumney, and the other power Torah teachers for a number of years.

    Recently, the Ruach has been teaching me to read and write in Hebrew. My husband has done Hebrew studies already and is much farther than I. However, I have a deep love for my Abba’s language and, of course for Him and our Messiah. And your teaching has stirred something in me that I haven’t felt since my early Christian days.

    When I was PCS’d in the Air Force to South Korea back in 2000, I told the Lord that I wanted to learn to worship Him. But I am no music expert and only learned some music in choir in my middle school days. However, I pulled what little money I had at the time and bought a guitar in S Korea. The lessons were free with the purchase but I desperately wanted to learn. I was excited when I learned to play the music, “Time in a Bottle”, and it actually sounded a little like it!

    Nevertheless, as the Ruach teaches me Hebrew, it makes me think how backwards everything in this world has become. We are backwards, churches are backwards, EVERYTHING is backwards… it’s chaotic!

    I remember when I wad a child, some friends would play the demonic music backwards so that we could hear the messages hidden in the music. Sadly, this world is filled with backward demonic messages!

    Which brings me to my question; since Abba’s language is right to left, should His music also go right to left? I’m sure you’ve already given this thought before and I would love to hear what you think.

    I believe that a pattern was set out in the first Exodus when scriptures state that there was no one sick or lame among them. However, look around us. The people of Israel are sick and lame. We are broken and filled with disease. This government has poisoned our food, air, and water. We all need healing in these days!

    It’s my belief that Abba is sending out those whom He has called, to heal His people. Which is why I feel another desire to learn to play the harp now, with Ruach’s guidance. I hope to save money for the purchase of a nice harp soon. If you have information the type of harp I should look at purchasing, I would be very grateful.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your work in this area. I found this to be very encouraging. It gave me a new drive again!

    I pray Abba will continue to use you and your lovely wife even moreso.



  11. I am
    Looking so forward to knowing more. I am a musician and have known for many years that there is something about the sound. Can’t wait to get your CDs

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